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Every individual has the right to eat at least one meal a day. Your support helps serve the destitute residents of Colton, CA

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Our Focus

How We Make A Difference:

The Greater Works House, Inc. possesses a passion to improve the quality of life of our low-income, disadvantaged families, homeless population, and at-risk youths by ensuring that they receive quality services when they need them.

We take a holistic (root cause) approach to family crisis from caring people that provide multi-faceted services to end the cycle of poverty. Disadvantaged families, homeless population, and the children are a primary focus of our efforts to strengthen families because they are the core of our current generation, and we want to develop our youths into what we desire them to become in the near future.

Our passion within The Greater Works House, Inc. is categorized by the acronym CAT:

  • CCONNECT: Connect with other non-profit organizations to design and implement sound program solutions to improve the quality of services to County residents.
  • AACTIVATE: Activate those programs and projects from connected resources to locate real estate, build new affordable housing, locate existing homes for repairs and renovations, and provide supportive services that make a positive impact upon the community.
  • TTRANSFORM: Build a network of change in San Bernardino County by donations, charitable giving, and grant opportunities to increase and sustain social programs to lifetime profitability.