Our History

History of The Greater Works House, Inc.


On January 11, 2019, the Executive Committee consisting of Apostles Darryl & Rita Udell, Minister Denise Morris, and Cromwell & Georgia Williams met at the Best Western Plus Arrowhead Hotel, Colton, California to explore opportunities in forming a Community Development Corporation (CDC) to serve low-income, underprivileged, disadvantaged, disenfranchised and homeless families residing in Colton, CA.  We agreed to start a CDC from scratch and call it ‘The Greater Works House, Inc’. modeled after ‘The Lydia House’ in Washington, D. C., who is now our overseer and advisor.

On March 8, 2019, the five of us met with Kelly Phelps and Karyl Alvarado of the Colton Community Center to discuss important issues facing the city of Colton from their perspective. We were additionally fed with resources needed in furtherance of our mission; using the acronym SOAR, our mission is to fulfill the needs of low-income, disadvantaged and homeless veterans residing in the Colton Community by:

S — Strengthening Colton Community by engaging local, county and federal resources that address community development issues for low-income, disadvantaged families, senior citizens and homeless veterans.

O — Observing impacts we make upon the community and improve upon them as required.

A — Attracting clienteles and aligning resources to better serve specific needs.

R — Responsible services and projects that improve, enhance and enrich quality of life of Colton residents.

We are a newly formed faith-based nonprofit independent organization that is engaged in a wide variety of activities beyond worship, most of which provide a multitude of social services and immediate benefits to needy individuals and families. We are independent of our congregational worship place, Greater Works Praise & Worship Centre, but rather a freestanding public charity to address well-defined, periodic processes and tasks to improve the quality of life for low-income, disadvantaged and homeless veterans residing in the city of Colton, California.

We are formed primarily for the purpose of providing charitable services within the meaning of Section 501 (c) (3) of the Internal Revenue Code. The specific purposes for which this Corporation is organized are:


Ø   Provide affordable housing for low-income and disadvantaged families, senior citizens and homeless veterans residing in Colton, California.


Ø  Identify and establish existing homes and shelters for repairs, renovations, resale, or reuse as affordable housing for low-income and disadvantaged families, senior citizens and homeless veterans.


Ø  Qualify first- time home buyers through training and counseling classes by becoming a certified Housing Counseling Agency within the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Department.


Ø  Develop a network of job training workshops, courses and skill development training with a goal of improving employment opportunities.


Ø  Become a care provider to senior citizens and homeless veterans by walking thru with them in completing difficult and cumbersome paperwork and follow-up requirements for social services.


Ø  Assist homeless veterans by providing a wide variety of employment, social and health services in order that they may become self-sufficient.


Ø  Fulfill transportation needs to and from doctor’s appointment, social services, and food and shopping opportunities.


Ø  Provide hunger relief to the Colton homeless population by serving hot and nutritious meals, and distributing clothing, winter coats and blankets on a quarterly basis.


Ø  Intervention and outreach services to the elderly and homeless veterans in crisis situations.


We plan to serve residents of the community of Colton because this is where we are physically located. However, we will entertain the notion of serving county-wide residents after five years, since we would have gained the knowledge, experience, and collection of resources that will be available to us, and that we will need within San Bernardino County, but will continue to maintain endeavors started in Colton.


Our first year of operation will be devoted to obtaining proper certification of an exempt organization, both with the State of California and the Internal Revenue Service.


Year two will be devoted to acquiring the resources required to fully operate a Corporation of this magnitude by developing programs and projects to accomplish our mission.


Year three through five will be devoted to identifying and addressing funding opportunities, putting staff members in place, collecting resource information, and solidifying capacity building support to sustain long term solutions.


The Greater Works House, Inc. possesses a passion to improve the quality of life of our low-income, disadvantaged families, and homeless veterans by ensuring that they receive quality services when they need them. 


Disadvantaged families, homeless veterans, and the children thereof are a primary focus of our efforts to strengthen families because they are the core of our current generation, and we want to develop our youths into what we desire them to become in the near future.