About us

Vision Statement:

To provide affordable housing, repairs and renovations of existing homes, and social programs for low-income, homeless, disadvantaged families, and homeless veterans residing within the County of San Bernardino.

Mission Statement:

A Faith-Based, minority owned, nonprofit community development corporation formed to offer services focusing on raising economic, education and social levels of low-income residents by acquiring land, building new affordable housing, renovating and repairing existing homes, and providing social programs within San Bernardino County.

Strategic Approach:

Our long-term strategy is implemented through our CAT process:

  • CCONNECT: Connect with other non-profit organizations to design and implement sound program solutions to improve the quality of services to County residents.
  • AACTIVATE: Activate those programs and projects from connected resources to locate real estate, build new affordable housing, locate existing homes for repairs and renovations, and provide supportive services that make a positive impact upon the community.
  • TTRANSFORM: Build a network of change in San Bernardino County by donations, charitable giving, and grant opportunities to increase and sustain social programs to lifetime profitability.

Key Focus Areas:

We SOAR in achieving our efforts by:

  • S – Strengthening San Bernardino County community by engaging local, county and federal resources that address community development issues for low-income, homeless and disadvantaged families, and homeless veterans.
  • O – Observing impacts we provide upon the community and improve upon them as required.
  • A – Attracting clienteles and aligning resources to serve specific needs.
  • R – Providing responsible services that improve, enhance and enrich quality of life of the clients we serve.

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Our efforts are to improve, strengthen and engage local and national resources to address developmental issues toward fulfilling the needs of low-income, elderly, veteran, homeless and disadvantaged families.